Thursday, September 06, 2007

OLD School

Track Team '31. '32, '33; Football '32
IS: Very amusing and talkative
Famous FOR: His stunning "car"
and for his skill at taking cars apart
and putting them together again.

My son Kit just started Duke Ellington School for the Arts- which used to be Western- the high school his grandparents attended. He's a bit disappointed that their athletic program is somewhat limited, but with his school day ending at 5 pm, he won't have time for sports anyway.

People think that high school sports are competitive now, but back in the day, they were just plain tough. My father doesn't like to brag, but he was the fastest kid he knew and could beat anyone his age. When he got to Western, he joined the track team, in hopes of crushing the competition. He couldn't understand why the other guys were beating him. Then he found out- there were no age limits for teams back then. He was 15 and his competitors could be 19 - even 21. The same was true on the football team. He remembers "Turk" Sheahan whose father had a restaurant in Georgetown. Turk was on the football team in 1933, and he was 23 years old when he graduated with Dad. He also remembers Bill Payne, the baseball player who was half bald before he graduated.

Maybe it's a good thing my son's not doing sports.

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