Sunday, July 22, 2007

Farewell A.V. Ristorante

(photo by bethhowe1 @ flickr)

Augosto Vasaio opened his landmark Italian restaurant in July 1949 on New York Avenue, and it became magnet for everyone from stars to well, everyone who loves to eat. My cousin, Peter adored it for the large portions of comfort food, Italian style. He was in heaven when we had cousin parties there. I remember him ordering platter after platter until we all left groaning. We would be sure to be a little bit messy because the restaurant was a customer of Modern Linen which my Uncle Mimi and Dad ran throughout the 1960s. "Modern" kept them supplied with tablecloths and napkins for many years.

cousin party circa 1985

My father was a fan of the restaurant and remembers that Augusto used to fill a big old station wagon full of stockings, toothpaste, cigarettes- whatever he thought would sell overseas. He (and the car) would get on a boat to Italy every year, and come back with a new load of olive oil and pasta and cheeses. Not to mention that Italian yard art that A.V.'s is so famous for in the courtyard.

Another piece of Washington history is slipping away. The doors close July 28.

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  1. yes... you are right... we need to support the stores and restaurants that we love... so we can not complain when they are gone...

    I loved AV's
    I loved Thai Roma at Cleveland Park with it garden in the back with its olive branch awnings and the piano player in its rooms with dusty old stuffed animals... taxidermy animals

    I miss all that stuff...

    so much of DC is becoming ANYWHERE USA