Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Long Lost Cousin Nat

F. Bernard Schultz in Hawaii

Strange and interesting things happen now that we have the internet to connect the planet. For example, once upon a time, a man in Tennessee decided to trace his family history. He did not know very much about his paternal grandfather- only that he was not in the picture- and had left his grandmother to raise her children alone.  In fairly short order, however, through the miracle of "google", the man landed here, on this very site. Why? Because my grandmother was the one his grandfather ran off with.

Here's the story from my new found "cousin" Nat:

"As you know, I didn't know much at all about my grandfather, barely his name. After my father's death, I decided to take a "shot in the dark" and googled it. Surprisingly, the first link was to a memorial from the Mamiya Medical Heritage Center in Hawaii. The article itself talked extensively about his professional history but very little about his personal history. At the bottom of that article, though, was a reference to his step-daughter, Mrs. George Cokinos.

After reading that article, I went back to the same Google link pages and came across your blog, giving a Pearl Harbor tribute to your grandmother. Wondering how the name Schultz was related to her, I read the article and found that the two of them had been married. Seeing that your last name was the same as the one in the Mamiya article, I decided to take a chance and to "introduce" myself to you to see if you might know about our family history. I now probably know my grandfather more than my father ever did thanks to a lead that I found on the internet."

 And so I found my new (step) cousin, Nat and was able to pass along not only information, but also letters and souvenirs from his long lost grandfather who had spent all of World War Two as an army doctor in Hawaii. Dr Schultz was quite a character. Tall and handsome, he was an accomplished musician who played with Paul Whiteman. He was also a talented actor, artist and writer,  and quite the lothario. He left my grandmother for greener pastures as well.

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