Monday, October 06, 2008

The Bishop's Garden

Thanks to Alice with that last posting, I'm reminded that The Bishop's Garden behind the National Cathedral is one of my favorite places in DC. You can reach it by a series of steps leading up from the parking lot , or through an opening near the top which features medieval castle type doors set in a stone wall. I like to come in that way and walk the smaller winding paths down. One side features a large green lawn lined with trees where a dog can squirrel watch for hours on end. The rose garden on the other side combines open spaces and more private spots to sit- my favorite being an out door room which feels like an ancient stone chamber- always cool even on a sweltering day in August.

We used to take the children there for elaborate games of hide and seek. Depending on the time of year and day, it can be crowded with tourists or you might have the place almost to yourself. I remember one day being there with my father and mother and probably the rest of the family. We had all scattered a bit- exploring the herbs or looking for the fish in the little man made stream. A young couple was standing in front of the rose garden-having their picture taken by a passerby when my father, who was probably getting bored, jumped into the scene. The person holding the camera, having no idea that he didn't belong, went ahead and snapped the shot.

The couple was startled at first, but soon started laughing when they realized my father was harmless. He had that effect on people. I like to think that they still have that picture stuck in an album somewhere- and maybe they still laugh when they see that funny little man in the green checked suit standing in between them.

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