Thursday, November 13, 2008

I hate to agree with George Bush on ANYTHING, but I have to say even though I live on a shoe string myself- now is the time to go out and shop! Not at the mall-not for a car, but at all the little places that make this town unique. I'm not too worried about our beloved Ben's Chili Bowl (1958) as they can afford to feed the Obamas, and I'm glad they're getting the publicity, but I am thinking about Sullivan's Toy and Art Supply (1954)  on Wisconsin Ave. in Cleveland Park and the Magruder's chain (1875). By the by the Magruder's near Chevy Chase circle has the BEST liquor prices around and incredible weekend wine and booze tastings/sales. Then there's "Hoppy Dave" over at Rodman's (1955) trying to keep the free world (and DC is almost free now isn't it?) stocked in the best beers available on this side of the pond. And Paul's Liquor is still right across the street- both conveniently located near Gawler's Funeral Home (1850)- another DC institution.

I often write about places that we've lost, but we still have chances to keep places like this going.
Look for postings on local favorites soon.


  1. Awesome observations and musings, thank you! I agree completely and am getting out there too, visiting the unique places that provide continuity in the vibrancy and richness of our community!!!

  2. Sullivan's is over priced...
    I grew up going to Bruce's Variety... but they too have an obnoxious mark up

    I guess that the five and dime has become a ten and twenty