Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Anyone Remember the Madrillon?

According to my father, The Madrillon was the place to go in Washington in the 1940s. That's my dad, George Cokinos, with the wacky tie on the far left. They had bands there, too.

Bring your own memories or just your curiosity to the Historical Society this Saturday June 26 for a trip in the way back machine with Jeff Krulik:

Eat, Drink and Be Merry in 1950s-60s DC: 
A Panel Discussion
, Slide Show and Oral History Presentation
with the Photos of Emil Press  
2:30- 4:00
801 K Street, NW at Mount Vernon Square


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  1. My Mother was a Latin sensation at the Madrillon in the late 1930's. Her stage name was Adelita Varela, and I still have the club newsletter announcing her retirement after three years there to marry a Naval Officer from the Pentagon, who sadly died from leukemia 7 years later. She had a multi-range soprano voice that was described by Toscanini, during a performance at Carnegie Hall, as "comparable to the great Lily Pons." She used to sing me her performance songs as "Nitey Nite songs" as a baby and small child. At, age 42 she was not expecting to have another child, but in 1951 I became the apple of her eye, and my Dad was thrilled. My 89 year half sister still has her recordings, and many were accompanied on guitar by the great and famous Vicente Gomez of Flamenco fame. I even have signed photos of them performing together in 1938. It was an honor and highlight for her to be part of the Madrillon. Googling Madrillon Club brought me here. Thanks!